Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Identifying rocks

 1.  What are differences between metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks?

Answer:  Metamorphic rocks formed by temperature and pressure changes inside the Earth.  Sedimentary rocks formed from the combination of weathering by cementation or precipitation on the Earth's surface.  And  Igneous rock formed by the cooling of magma (molten rock) inside the Earth surface. 

2.  What rock did you find the most interesting?  Why?

Answer: An igneous rock, because it contains very beautiful interlocking crystals.  They also very strong and make the rock hard.  (this type of rock never contain fossils)

3.  What are grains in the rocks?  can  you show me?

Answer: Grains give the rocks its texture (look and feel)

4.  What are the crystals in the rocks?  can you show me?


Wednesday, 6 June 2018



Rock 1

Rock 2

Rock 3

Rock 4

Rock 5

Rock 6

Rock 7

Rock 8

Rock 9

Rock 10

Rock 11

Rock 12


Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Lab equipments

Measuring cylinder: used to measure the volume of a liquid in milliliters.

Flask: for holding, mixing, and heating liquids.

Evaporating dish: for evaporating liquid mixtures

Watch glass: to hold solid while being weighted or to cover a beaker

Specimen bottle: for holding urine specimens or any other liquids.

Funnel: makes pouring easier

Scoopula: used for moving small amounts of chemicals.

Clamp: used to hold or secure objects.

Heat shield: to prevent fire when heating something

Beaker: for holding and pouring liquids.

Owire: used to rake a very small cells or for flame tests. 

Test tube: for holding, mixing, and heating small amounts of liquids and solids.

Pipette: used to move small amount of liquid chemicals.

Stirring rod: used to mix and stir solutions.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Five Conditional Statements

Name: Minnie
Class: M.101
Date: 15 Dec. 17

If and Then story

  1. If you get good grades, then you will get into a good college.
  2. If you eat a whole tray of pizza, then you won’t be hungry.
  3. If a shape has four sides, then the shape is a square.
  4. If there is flood today, then there is no class.
  5. If you are super rich, then you can buy anything you want.

Time Capsul